We are an up and coming company from Andalucía, Spain developing our first social game. Every member of our team has been playing RPGs since childhood in all of their varieties: pen-and-paper, PC, console, and MMORPGs.

We found tons of games on Facebook that were labeled as RPGs, but we could not find one that was a true RPG. These “RPGs” were just click-and-reward games that were clones of each other. Because we work professionally in the programming and design industry, and because we love RPGs, we decided to create our own unique RPG. The lack of original RPGs inspired us to create a social game brimming with originality. We are proud to contribute new ideas to the industry, and it is for this reason that we chose our name Otherwind.

We have been working for more than two years on our first game, Guild Masters, and we plan on making more. Our objective, however, is to make quality games, not produce a mass quantity of games that lack inspiration. If you have any questions, please let us know by e-mailing us. We are way more than happy to hear from you!
otherwind presentation
otherwind presentation





Alex Martin
The Guild Master
"Guild Masters" was born and grew in his head, feeding Alex's mind humus for some time. To make it real, he gathered this team and founded Otherwind, bringing a breath of fresh air to social games. As CEO and founder, he put all of his efforts and resources to launch the company and develop social games which are indeed, social.
Fran Infantes
The Tech-Man
Co-founder and lead programmer, Fran brought to the company more than a decade of experience as software architect. His knowledge has been invaluable, and from his keyboard, the game acquired the quality needed for modern times.
Jacobo Marquez
The Art-Man
Our art director contributed his talent as comic illustrator and experience as a web designer. His skills have merged brilliantly to give Guild Masters that lovely and smashing visual aspect, to add to the game's overall quality.

otherwind presentation
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