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    I was wondering. If my guild rank is lvl 2, I have minimum level requirment for promoting to lvl 3 and one of my followers decides to promote from rank 1 to rank 2, does it raise my power so I can promote to level 3 or does it force my follower to leave me as his master, thus lowering my power?

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    You're right. Currently, promoting is manual, not automatic, so if your follower promotes to rank lvl 2 before you promote to 3, he will leave you and you will lose power.
    We must to study carefully if we are going to let the player set automatic promotions to save this chain promotions, but the effects may be unpredecible. For instance, if we let it automatic, your follower may force you to promote and you could leave your master when you want not to do it. Furthermore, an enemy of yours could use this against you: he/she would follow you, and promote to force you to promote and force you leave your master.

    We have been thinking about a period (24h or so) while you may match your masters rank level, so your master will have some time to choose if promoting or leaving you. This is the most reasonable solution, but this would take some time from us to code it and it must be taken to the "to do" list. Anyway, it's noted.

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