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Thread: Efficacy of "Dodge" skill for Rogues

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    Question Efficacy of "Dodge" skill for Rogues

    How much does it improve my Defense? I can't tell if it makes a difference or not. Apparently it's supposed to lower my damage received by 20%, but I've had a hard time verifying that. I can't tell that it lowers the number of times I get hit, either. If it raises my Defense score, it should lower the chance of getting hit, right?

    How much does it increase my Defense score? How much of an effect should I expect? If it only increases my Def by my level, then it's not worth it, but if it's supposed to raise my Defense by 5*level, then it is probably worth using in a lot of situations when I'm out solo, but I'm certainly not seeing the effect of what I would expect from that much of a Defense bump up.

    How much does Dodge do?

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    I think you are mixing the working of this action with the skill "lightning reflexes" former called also dodge, so I'm sorry for the misunderstanding changing the name of the skill.

    The current "Dodge" is not a skill as lightning reflexes, is just your standard defense action, and it is not dependent of your level. As it states, you use your turn to evade attacks, and it increase your Defense. The amount of Defense increased is a fixed % of your own Defense score, so it only depends of your current Defense score, not your level. I can say that it is a very significative percentage, so the chance to be hit is significatively lower, but this effect will be not so highly noticed when your opponent has a too low or too high attack score. Other guilds use their attack, or energy to increse their defense, and priests also use their defense as base but they get a greater effect, as not every guild get the same percentage of their base score (regarding to this action) to their defense. The damage reduction is the second effect of defense actions.

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