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Thread: Summon monsters.

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    Summon monsters.

    Could wizards get this ability. Drop Power word kill, poison cloud, or paralyze.

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    Ok, I think this is an awesome the level 100 skill for a wizard. Have the chance to summon extra army, say with levels up to the skill level made. Enhancements could be making monsters Medium or Hard and chances to create more monsters...

    I also think this sort of skill would be really great for fighters at an earlier level (80? 90), however, I would not make them as strong as the monsters a wizard could make. I think this would be a great skill for fighters because from what I see and hear, most fighters are not really into making energy currently. They are the only guild that does not appear to rely on energy very much. A cool skill like this would force them to make more energy, therefore, use more energy....

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