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    My base power is 5833. I have 38(SL) in Research. Which makes my power for skill generation 6941.27. That seems correct. My Resources are: 116660 / 116660 which is 20 times my base power 5833, not off my adjusted power of 6941.27 is this correct or should it be 138825 / 138825?

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    Hello Rastlin, it is not a bug, it is intended. The Research bonus applies to the skill points generation rate, but not to the size of the warehouse were resources are stored. Though both, generation rate and resources warehouse's size are based on your power, your research bonus don't modifiy your power, but your generation rate, which is your base power houtly, modified (the rate, not the power) by your research bonus. Sorry for the misunderstanding, if you think something in somewhere is expressed in a way that leads to confussion, please let me know.

    Thank you for your reporting.

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