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Thread: skill upgrade

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    skill upgrade

    Skill upgrade should be optional, not automatic. It is causing problems in the beginning of the game. Locking skills at low level til you advance your character level.

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    The problem was caused by a bug that we did not detected on the previous beta demo. We have fixed it and will test it carefully next days.

    Skills was being wrongly allowed to power up when they should not (not enough character level), so as you have not enough level you could not upgrade it anymore, but this never should happen if it is powered up with the right requisites; once this bug is eliminated, skills won't be blocked anymore when previous skill potency was not blocked.

    With skills working as intended, there is absolutely no point to keep Skill potency I when potency II is available, (same or less use cost, same develop cost, better result...) so is better have it automatic.

    Thank you very much for your report. I'm moving this to the bugs sub-forum.

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    after i reset my character it will not let me upgrade my skills i now have 109 skill point and all I'm getting is there were errors

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    Hi im having problems with my skills i have alot of points to spend after i reset my guild but i noticed my power got redued by 1 (aka it went from 6 to 5) and i cant put my skill points into skilsl please help

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    Exclamation Errors when putting points into skills

    Hi im having a huge issue that may be game stopping. I'm a cleric,and recently a respected,and im unable to put points into my skills. So im unable to heal or buff party members which is what my person is about. is there a way to fix this? if not is there a way i can start over at least this way i can rebuild him how i want him. I have been playing for about 3-4 days now and im liking the game so far but this is a really big deal for me. Please help me as soon as u can it would be really appreciated. My skill points keep going up but im unable to solo when im unable to keep myself alive in combat.

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    We just fixed it, despite of the holidays Please try it again!

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