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Heal all button
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Thread: Heal all button

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    Heal all button

    It would be nice if there where a button to heal also your full Team. Alot of Players havent the time to Play each day and so the Team can heal them always up to 100%, as Priest i can heal my Party with spells but sometimes i would prefer to pay for it.

    Another feaure i would like to see is an Auto Heal button that each Player can heal himself up after every fight, but that could be also negative if there are Players in Team that starts everytime to hard Quests.

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    Heal all button was longly asked in the past. We think this would support parties with inactive members, clones, etc, and it is opposite to our idea for the active playing.

    However, at least we conceded to heal up to 50% for the whole party by freelance animists, who charge more gold that the temple, not being so efficient as cleric's prayers, but restoring member's condition enough to let parties go on adventuring. HINT: To reduce costs, first heal yourself at temple, and then heal your companions with animists.

    Heal all party to full, as well as auto-heal features, and all sort of features which could encourage automatic playing, can be considered by paying diamonds or only possible for premium players. This way we don't let zombies or clones taking full benefit, only paying players who obviously are not inactive.

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