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bought item duplication
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Thread: bought item duplication

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    Unhappy bought item duplication

    Good afternoon:

    I´ve had a problem at the blacksmith: I've bought a Reinforced Leather Imperial Helmet of Deflect

    Defense +20
    Defense +70

    But when i've push the buy button, an error screen has shown, and screen has got frozen for a while
    Lately, i've checked my inventory, and see not only one, but two helmets... also i've paid twice in diamonds
    Please, do something

    Thanks and regards

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    Hello Morwynn,

    Sorry for the late reply.

    I'm checking the history and I can see that the first helmet was bought at time 16:16:24 and second helmet after 19 seconds, at 16:16:43

    I'll refund the second "copy" of the helmet in next minutes. Please come back to me if there were something wrong.

    Thank you for playing Guild Masters!

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