I am tired of losing battles especially ambushes where I lose a lot of cash because the battle screen isn't working properly. I try to input actions and it won't allow it because the button to submit the action is showing I already did when I haven't. As a priest when I can't input my healing skills I lose battles I would otherwise win. I'm going to speak in language I think you might understand. As you can see by my tiger mount, I spend money on this game. I've equipped my follower's and their parties with mounts as well. I was even considering becoming a premium member. Until this issue is fixed, not only will I not become a premium member, but my wallet is closed. No more purchases. The battle interface is the most important feature in the game. That should always be a priority to be working fine. It's been buggy for more than a week now. Please fix it. I don't require an explanation of any sort. Just fix it and tell me when it's done. Remember, until I hear from you, my wallet's closed.