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Thread: Damage calculation

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    Damage calculation

    Hello, i will make it very simple:
    1. how is dmg calculated? for example i have 10 attack and enemy 10 def- what will be the dmg? 100 atk vs 10 def ? 1000 atk vs 10 def? what is the formula?
    2. accuracy calculation- chance to hit. 10 atk vs 10 def? what is the chance to hit formula once again?

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    As far as i know Def didnt reduce the Damage you get it only lowers the chance of getting hit. For Magical Spells and Breaths it reduces some damage but not alot. For Attack i tested alot around and out of my tests
    5-10 Atk = 1 Dmg (the damage number always varies in that range) + Atk highers the chance to hit a player.

    At about the same Def stat as the opponents Atk stat it was possible for me to block alot of Attacks. I think there is also a kind of cap cause the devs dont want that you to be able to bypass all damage.

    A bit late for a answer but i stopped playing guild masters a longer time ago, so i do not watch constantly the forum .

    Even with about 7000 Def some Pve Enemys can hit you quite hard

    Huge Terliquan I dealt a Tail Blow (SL 80) on Mirage : critical hit (x2)!

    Damage dealt to Mirage : 9488 Physical HP ( 9529 -41 )

    And this is a AOE Attack so it hitted more player i just lost the full logs of that fight. For some Guids on how to build your Charakter (which stats ect.) watch the Facebook Group

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    and an awesome time that was

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    Thanks, Assasine. Almost all you wrote is right, except your deduced damage calculation which is not very accurate. I'm sorry we, the devs team, decided not to reveal the combats formulas, so experience and intuition of the players will prevail over pure maths. These formulas were continuously being adjusted while the beta testing, and last modification was done at the last big combats update.

    Time ago we left the most we can reveal for the combat, on the wiki discussion page for fights, so people can use that material to write the article for the page Fights in the wiki. Sadly there were not much collaboration on the wiki, but the material on the talk/discussion pages is there, you can take a look:

    Basically, Assasine resumed it very well:
    - Attacker's ATT and target's DEF determine the hit chance. Once the hit chance is calculated, hit or fail is resolved with a 1d100 dice roll. If attacker's ATT and target's DEF are equal, after all modifiers applied, the hit chance is a some higher than 50%.
    - Only Attacker's ATT (and damage bonuses from items or spells), modified with a second 1d100 roll, determine the damage dealt.
    - The target's DEF does not reduce damage taken if receive a hit. In our simulations, using DEF to reduce damage, increase unbalancing of the games making high level players/monsters much stronger against parties of lower opponents, even if the total size of the lower attackers is higher.
    - The formulas change when the target is performing a PARRY (fighters) / DODGE (scouts) / DEFENSE (priests) / DEFLECT (wizards) action. Then the damage is reduces by certain percentage, different for each action/guild, and the defense score for the hit chance calculation is increased depending on another stat (ATT for fighters -parry-, DEF for scouts -dodge- and priests -defense-, ENE for wizards -deflect-). The effect of this stat on the defense is higher or lower also depending on the player's guild: priest are best defenders and wizards' deflecting is the weakest defense action.

    - The cap mentioned by Assasin is the Critical Hits (5%) and Critical failures (5%). Any hit result of 1-5 in a 1d100 roll (before any modifier applied yet), is a critical failure, and a 96-100 result is a critical hit, despite ATT or DEF stats of the combatants.
    - The critical hit is a hit with maximum damage added to a second attack, which can be also critical, and so on.

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