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Thread: List of know bugs

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    Exclamation List of know bugs

    This is the current list of know bugs:
    (This will be filled as bugs are being reported)

    • Guild Master cannot give special promotions.
    • Cannot transfer followers (ajax error: undefined). FIX has been done and will be deployed with next update. Temporary FIX has been done to activate this functionality until next update (Jun, 19th)

    Fixed bugs:

    • Followers cannot get XP from master's quests. FIXED on Jun. 17th, 2014 Now followers get XP from masters, but hirelings does not. This is intended.

    • Potions Haste and Invisibility caused error. FIXED on Jun. 17th, 2014
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    Exclamation Bug Reporting

    Please take the time to check out other threads before starting a new one. You may be having the same problem as someone else, and by keeping similar bug reports in the same thread, you'll help keep the forums clean, and may even get a quicker response. Thank you.
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    This thread will be again updated to track all bugs. Thank you

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