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    Question F.A.Q.

    This section will be filled with the frequently asked questions we receive.

    • Why am I receiving so many critical hits?

    When you fight an opponents with an ATT score much lower than your DEF score, their chances to hit you are very low, and the most of the time, you will see these opponents miss when they attack to you. However, they still have a chance to land a critical hit, which is independent of the ATT and DEF scores. A critical hit, besides the increase on the damage, is an instant hit and could be the only way to hit a much bigger opponent.

    So, what you see is that you receive from lower opponents an higher amount of critical hits compared to the few or inexistent common hits, giving you a fake perception of an abnormal rate of criticals, but if you watch all attacks received, you will get a rate of about a critical hit for every 20 times you receive an attack (miss or hit). Of course, you can still get a lucky row of criticals or a long row of non-criticals, but in the long run, the rate will tend to 1 critical per 20 attacks.
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