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Incoming Features
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    Exclamation Incoming Features

    We will list, in order of priority, next features we will develop, and those that we are working on.

    • Notifications for unread messages, waiting gifts, pending applications, etc.
    • Replenishment Time (minimum time between quests to have time to equip/heal before another party member launches you to adventuring).
    • Extend Guild Master's special powers.
    • Gift-All and Message-All functionality for masters in the Followers screen.
    • Include info or your currently equipped item at the info window of every item.
    • Combats history.
    • Seizing followers.
    • Mercenaries: hire PC companions for your party by gold.
    • Freemen: NPC temporary followers by diamonds.
    • Offline tactics (aggressive, defensive, collaborative...) for battles, for premium players.
    • Battle animations and effects (blows, damage, etc.).
    • Alliances.
    • Mini-chat for the battles and better in-game communication.
    • Rare and Set Items.
    • More complex quests, linked through a story-line.
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    We will love to hear your suggestions!

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    2 features i would really like to see are the ability to reset skills and stats as this is a feature 99% of all facebook games lack so it would be a feature unique to guildmasters
    this would also add a new dynamic to the game allowing players to experiment more freely with stat points to figure out how they want to play or at the very least make a character reset buttion that would us to reset our chracters back to level and start over if desired
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    I am sorry I did not see this sooner, Bryan. This option is available to you to fix your stats or change your guild under Town Hall and it costs 100 diamonds.

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    Hello Guild Master Mates to the start of a new thread in the forums dedicated to the upcoming announcements and news of what Alex and i are discussing for Guild Masters! Now i know that GM previously has been running its own course for the past 3+ years with no sight of anything new or upcoming, but that changes soon with support from myself and soon others to get Guild Masters back up and running with major fixes to game issues, starting to get a new players base aaand hopefully, new updates within the game itself! There is much to discuss between here and then but this first post is to update you the player that changes will soon be coming and these following posts of current news of where me and Alex are at in terms of improving Guild Masters. So welcome to the forums Guild Mates and hopefully get ready for some new upcoming information about the games situation.

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    So to touch up on what has been developing between me and Alex most recently:

    To start off this post, it is unfortunate to say that yes, for a time this game was in trouble and without any support going towards it, was going to be shutting down within these next few months from my understanding. Thankfully for the support that has been given most recently, we have stopped this from happening. Now we are talking more productively about first resolving outstanding issues with the game I.E Login errors and problems, recruiting new followers, Etc..

    So the situation with the developers: Alex will be first getting ahold of his old Development Team for the purpose of "to at least fix the biggest issues and keep game alive". Now by the sound of it, it seems like his old development team will only be working on fixing the major issues the game is currently experiencing, and will be finding a new development team; "while I find another dev team who want to continue the game development."

    Now Alex has been working on a email to me about a complete run down of all the content for the game, and once received i will send announcements on here accordingly. But currently the next biggest step we the players can do to help assist in this games issues is to tell us what you have been experiencing game issue wise. This game may run well for some, but others may be having issues and we need to find out what they may be. So please, if you or any of your Guild members have outstanding issues with the game, please address them here so Alex knows what to look for and what needs fixing..

    Also, in order to help Alex continue to organize the help he needs to fix current game issues and find a new dev team, i would like to personally organize a date that i would like any and all Guild members to help donate funds for in game diamond purchases. Anything that is provided will be gifted back to you in diamonds, and i will personally fund these
    individuals with an extra small amount of diamonds when player to player diamond transactions can be made a feature within the game. As most players are aware in the game, the in game diamond purchase does not function and the best way these funds can be received is through Paypal. Here is the information of how to send your donation:

    The PayPal address is: otherwind.games@gmail.com
    Please send your donation
    as a gift for family and friends, and please always include the note "support for Guild Masters". This is so paypal takes less funds from these transactions. And also, please keep the currency from your country the same because Alex can converge it over into his currency for cheaper than paypal can.

    I will come up with an acceptable date soon for this en mass donation. Once Alex sees what you have sent, he will send to you the diamonds you have appropriately donated the amount of. What you send is whats going to get Guild Masters up and running, and every little bit helps. After we fix major issues in the game, the next best step will be to get new players into the game so hopefully this will be happening so we can have some new faces in the game!

    This is the first announcement of many that im sure will be made in the upcoming months, stay vigilant and active and know that changes will hopefully soon be coming to Guild Masters. If you have any questions or concerns, please post a message on my wall and i will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you my Guild Mates and i cannot wait for these new upcoming changes!

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    Hello my guild mates! I sincerely apologize for not replying to you guys sooner about what has been going on in the past few days. My new duty station has us training on taking over whom we are replacing and hasn't left us with much freetime to work with. After we are done this process in the next week or so, i should be more active again within the community. Now lets get to whats really important: the upcoming updates to Guild Masters!

    So i received an email from Alex a couple of days ago stating that he was going to be visiting his old dev team for the last time on May 4-6th to " make changes on the servers to reduce costs and rearm our coding suite on my computer". With that being done, we are finally looking to hire one or two freelancers for the game so we can finally start working on fixing it back up and making new progress with its development once more!
    We are also looking to change the tutorial of the game so we can make the game easier to learn for newcomers coming into the game and start getting active players in once again, it will be a challenge i believe but one that is necessary to bring in new players again along with possible new advertisements. Its been a long time coming but i am keeping in contact with Alex to see hes following through as i give him the support he needs to make these changes happen. If anyone wishes to make a donation, nows the best time to do so. I also talked to him about balancing out the currency issue of value between donations and diamonds received for those who would donate Euros which hold more value. Hopefully i will hear a reply from him soon about this..

    Anyway, that is the one big message that i needed to share with you guys and i hope you keep up the good work and activity. Hopefully these changes can come soon and we can enjoy the game in a new light with new people to enjoy it with, along with getting back some older individuals that I'm sure would like to see the game making progress. If you have any questions, please send me a message and ill get back to you as soon as i can. Thank you Guild Mares, stay safe!

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