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    Exclamation Incoming Features

    We will list, in order of priority, next features we will develop, and those that we are working on.

    • Notifications for unread messages, waiting gifts, pending applications, etc.
    • Replenishment Time (minimum time between quests to have time to equip/heal before another party member launches you to adventuring).
    • Extend Guild Master's special powers.
    • Gift-All and Message-All functionality for masters in the Followers screen.
    • Include info or your currently equipped item at the info window of every item.
    • Combats history.
    • Seizing followers.
    • Mercenaries: hire PC companions for your party by gold.
    • Freemen: NPC temporary followers by diamonds.
    • Offline tactics (aggressive, defensive, collaborative...) for battles, for premium players.
    • Battle animations and effects (blows, damage, etc.).
    • Alliances.
    • Mini-chat for the battles and better in-game communication.
    • Rare and Set Items.
    • More complex quests, linked through a story-line.
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