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Thread: Statistics

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    We have just made an update affecting statistics. Now, the rats quest won't score for the statistics (quests completed, monsters killed, damage dealt/taken, etc) because you have not to go out the town to make that quest, which was thought for practice and could be used mechanically to get achievements.

    Now, if you want to get achievements, at least you have to go out the town (where you will be exposed to ambushes by other players).

    Current stats have been updated attending to this criteria, so don't panic if you see that your kills or quests score has got down.

    Soon you will see a new screen with the bestiary of the monsters your party defeated. Also we will add to the quests list a sort of indicator or meter to show how many times you and your companions have completed a certain quest. This stat will be used to penalize the experience taken from quests that you have completed many times.

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    It's fair. The new quests have to add much more experience than if you repeat quests.

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