Here was my were-rat story. I think it would have been better (in hindsight) to relate it to adventurers... duh! LOL!!


A Son, Lost in the Dark

A brave son and a fearful father; a den of beasts and a price paid in blood.

?Torik? Torik?? Crennel peered through the darkness, searching for any sign of his son,
but he was both eager and afraid of what he might see. The boy was so brave, but this
place had a curse and all knew it. Torik had cared for the girl, true, but when the
trackers saw that her kidnappers had brought her here? well, even the girl?s father had
given her up then. But Torik came to her rescue, and now Crennel came to rescue Torik.

In the darkness there was a scraping sound, like a boot against flagstones. There was a
man-like shape in the darkness there, but Crennel didn?t lower his weapon. ?Torik!? the
worried father shouted to his son. ?Torik, answer me!?
Coming out of the darkness was a were-rat, a monstrous thing with the cunning of a man
and the cruelty of a beast. Blood dripped from its claws; Crennel didn?t want to think
about whose blood it might be. Then there was another growl from behind. Crennel faced
two were-beasts now, one to either side, and he faced them alone.

================================================== ==========