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Thread: Fast Leveling

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    Fast Leveling

    Hello here few tips for fast leveling, you can use all of these tips unless you follow vacendak.

    - Try to have the highest Velocity possible to do quest faster.
    - Always do ''GREEN DOT'' quest as they will give the maximum xp ( Green Shield as menstionned by flame )
    - Try to do the easiest quest you can accomplish at your level until it become yellow then go to the next ''green'' one!

    Good luck everyone
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    -quests with fewer enemies are easier compared to ones with lots of monsters to kill
    -warriors and priests will spend a lot of money on healing, it would be nice to give them money if you are in a party with them
    -sometimes leveling alone is faster than with a party
    -as a mage, your most important skills are 1) attack and 2) vitality... at least, until energy starts to matter when skills are implemented

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    Great thread!

    I would add this:
    - Playing alone you can level up faster, but as you get xp faster, also your xp reduction increase faster. You could become quickly slowed down and them you should join a party to increase again your options.
    - Also playing alone is a harder way. Partying is an easier way as a party's potential is higher that the sum of their members' potential. These both facts will be greatly noticed when special skills and ambushes will be brought on play.

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    Those aren't dots... They're shields. If you're going to try and advise people, at least make sure you're calling things by their proper names. I've had players come to me and ask, "What's that 'Green Dot' quest?" And I have to explain that it's not a quest, but the little shield under each level on each quest that tells you when you've done a certain one too many times... blah, blah, blah...

    Anyway, so yah... Shields, not dots.
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    yes, Flame is right... there are GREEN SHIELDS
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    Quote Originally Posted by carlosmt View Post
    yes, Flame is right... there are GREEN SHIELDS
    Yes, and Orik already edited his post

    Quote Originally Posted by Moderator Orik View Post
    Always do ''GREEN DOT'' quest as they will give the maximum xp ( Green Shield as menstionned by flame )
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