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War Bird Writting Contest
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    Lightbulb War Bird Writting Contest

    Hello players! A new chance has come with this new writting contest.

    Applicants have to write a description for the mount gifted as reward for the kickstarter backers:

    War Bird:

    war_bird.jpg (click to enlarge)

    It's a mix of muscled cockfight/ostrich/chocobo mounted as a tauntaun, a two legs war-bird. It's like an ostrich but heftier, with wider neck, intimidating beak from a bird of prey, powerful claws, etc.

    Prize: 100 diamonds. Finalist: 50 Diamonds. Applicants: 10 diamonds.

    Descriptions must be in the style of other mount descriptions, with a maximum of 1024 characters. Suggestions to change the war-bird name will be heard.

    Thank you for your interest and good luck!

    End date for sumbissions: Nov 18th. Winners announced on Nov 19th.

    Send submissions to info@otherwind.com
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