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Thread: War Bird Writting Contest

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    gz both

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    Here is the promised mix between the two winner texts:

    War birds appear as eight foot tall jungle fowl. Their massive ax-like beak is equally adapted at crushing bones and rending flesh. Thick scaled feet end in razor sharped talons which will rip their opponents. They beat a horse in speed, and their natural agility has taken more than one experienced warrior off guard.

    Trained war birds are rare enough to be considered legend. Their tenacious nature and tendency to fight to the death are known far and wide, and has prevented all but the most persistent to even attempt to train them. However, war birds are said to be trained by an order of mythic warrior monks that live in a hidden mountain valley far to the east. Reared from chicks, the monks train patiently these mounts to handle a rider and to take commands, allowing the rider to maintain control even during their infamous blood lust in combat.
    Congrats to those who own one of these legendary trained war birds

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