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Thread: Update 1.01.029

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    Yes, I like that too.
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    when I was level 30 i did around 350k in a single day, when you play solo you get more item and can sell them for an extra profit.

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    Ok, I know the scouts have loads of gold. It's a sore spot. Can we hear from some fighters and their huge Vitality load? I don't know how those priests could earn that gold. I'm going to assume they were gifted it.

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    no camille no, it just i did take care planning really well which items could be benefit more, apart from soloing.

    btw nice nerf to the loot, ppl complaining about not gaining enough and...

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    Loots have not been decreased; gold value has been doubled. All prices has been reduced to the half (healings and original follower transfer costs), so the only effect is having a lower "number" for the gold. It was necessary because the inflation in the game. Despite all complaints about lack of gold, there are tons of gold in the world, people was getting literally millions and items system was been distorting.

    As result of double gold value and keep fixed diamonds and items value, these are the only effects:

    - Purchasing gold with diamonds, you will get DOUBLE of the old gold value.
    - Items value have been doubled in the practice (both for sell and purchase). Next step to this will be decrease diamond value for items (at the proper time).

    Also Scouts and Wizards will get more damage in our plans. There will be more ranged monsters and lots of active skills also affect everybody. It will help to the balance.

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