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Tailored NPCs
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Thread: Tailored NPCs

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    Tailored NPCs

    I know most of my Followers have had a really hard time getting Followers. Most of my Followers have quit. I don't know why. Anyway, it could be an interesting aspect to the game to be able to purchase an NPC (already suggested, I KNOW) but to be able to nurture it. We could use gold or diamonds or loot collection to allocate to the NPC which could upgrade their level or power or even certain skills.

    My thinking is it would eliminate the temptation to clone. Clones are hard work. Think about why people want them and offer them for a reasonable price and your game will keep its integrity.

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    This also solves a problem with regards to capturing Followers. If players could choose a group of Followers to attack another person, some might use only their NPCs while others might take a risk and use the real players who might fight their way out of a trap (reverse capture). But if a Follower really doesn't want to be captured, then they are just not in the war party.

    As for being a target. All players should be obliged to relegate capturable Followers. Call them guards or whatever. They could choose between their real players and NPCs. Those who are not guards will not be taken. But the skills, level and power of the guards will determine how well a person defends himself!

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    I think you mean this:

    Quote Originally Posted by Guild Masters View Post
    Incoming Features


    • Freemen: NPC temporary followers by diamonds.
    About the followers which could be captured, we are planing they will be the followers in the squad.

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    The only reason I bring it up in a different thread is because I've played games with NPCs that are bought and there is no evolution in them. You buy, you use, you throw away. But if we could invest in evolving our NPCs - it would add spice to the game.

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    Ok now I understand what you mean. It's not what we have in mind but we will consider your ideas. Thank you for sharing them.

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    I like Camille's idea here. It is hard to get followers. I think it's mostly because people on Facebook are sick to death of constant game requests. A lot completely ignore them. I think it is imperative that you give people a chance to grow their power levels and give them the ability to promote in other ways and permanent NCPs that you can nurture, as Camille says, is a great first idea. But if we ever get to the point of being able to steal another team's people, they should be included in that.

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