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Thread: Building the WIKI

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    I don´t really mind, Isildur. Just want to help. If the text is useful, any member of the dev team can relocate it. If it is not, it can be sent to "discussion" tab or just deleted.

    The only thing I want if the text is not fine, is just a tip of how to do it better. I´m just glad to help with this. Is like playing the game in other way :p
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    I edited your article and added a few links, just to clarify. It looks to me that current index in the main page is not specifically "screen-oriented", but just pretends covering certain topics regardless they are all in the same screen in the game or not. Your approach was more "screen-oriented", which is also fine, as it lets users know everything about each screen at a glance, but maybe that's well covered by inline help (those tooltips that appear everywhere), so maybe that's the reason why the wiki is not so screen-oriented. Alex or Fran will have to tell us a bit more about this .

    Anyway, your work is an unvaluable one, and wether it remains the same or it's sliced into a few different sections, the content will stay there. Maybe a native english speaker would like to proof read to correct any mistakes...
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    We uploaded the Game Credits to the wiki: www.otherwind.com/wiki/guildmasters/index.php/Game_Credits

    All backers from Kickstarter, who got a reward "Credits" or above, will find themselves in the list ordered by pledge. If anyone want to be removed from the list or change the name shown, email to us to let us to know.

    Thank you

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