First True Online Social Role Playing Game
Guild Masters is like no other social RPG on Facebook. If you are looking for another repetitive "click-and-reward" game, this one is not for you. Guild Masters is a classic RPG, and the first true, online, social RPG on Facebook.
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First True Online Social RPG
You and your friends can make up an adventure party to fight battles and complete quests together. It’s the same fun of classic pen-and-paper RPGs, without all of the boring paper work!
Highly Social
Inside your guild, choose any master you like to learn from, and take in followers who choose to learn from you. These followers give you power and influence in your guild. The guild is arranged in a pyramid structure, with the Guild Master on the top and the apprentices on the bottom. You can choose many followers to make up a squad that empowers you on your adventures. When you join your friends and their squads, the adventure party becomes a small army! In game alliances will be implemented soon!
Choose your Role
You will have four guilds to choose from. The Guild of Fighters is a congregation of warriors who rely on brute force in battle. The Guild of Scouts is a lair for thieves and assassins. The Guild of Priests is a sanctuary for heavily armored clerics who use divine magic to heal and protect. The Guild of Wizards is for arcane magic users who specialize in offensive magic.
Build your Character
By winning battles and completing quests, you earn experience and increase your attributes to become more powerful in battle. When you gather followers and increase your influence in the guild, you earn skill points more rapidly. There are 64 different skills, 16 per guild, so the character you make is highly customizable!
Custom Avatar
There are hundreds of items that can be equipped: weapons, armors, shields, helmets, cloaks... You will be always recognized by your equipment. Powerful equipment will give your avatar a very cool look!
Enjoy the Sights
The entire game, and especially the avatars, have a comic style that you will love. Our artists take care that every detail of the game looks as good as its concept at implementation.
Use your Mind
Everybody will be able to play the game, but you won't just click to complete a quest or fight a rival. The battle won’t be as simple as "the most powerful combatant wins.” It takes parties with various, well balanced skills to defeat powerful foes. Like chess, each piece has its role on the battlefield. One player’s strengths will cover the weakness of his companions.
You Will be Heard
Before we became developers, the entire team had years of experience playing games and interacting with the gaming community. We know the importance of an active and supportive community. As a player, you won't be just a number. Your opinion will be heard. We will count on your advice to change weaker aspects of the game and enhance the better ones. You will be a part of a community where developers and players are on the same level, all building this great game together.
A Never-Ending Game
Guild Masters will not end, and if it does, it won't be because we ended it. If the apocalypsecomes and wipes Facebook from the face of the earth, we will change the platform (we already have future plans to make the app multi-platform sharing the same database). If the game loses players, we will work hard to make the changes necessary to solve the problems or make the boring parts of the game more exciting. Of course, if all else fails and the game must end, we will let you know well in advance and we will never take your money knowing the game is coming to an end.
Guild Masters is like no other social RPG on Facebook. If you are looking for a repetitive and mechanical "click-and-reward" game, this one is not for you. Guild Masters is a classic RPG, and the first true online social RPG on Facebook. Build your character, choose a guild (fighter, scout, priest or wizard), increase your attributes and develop your skills. Gain followers to help you acquire the power to rise through the ranks of your guild and become a Guild Master. Make an adventuring party from different guilds with your friends, complete quests and ambush other parties to earn experience, gain levels and find tons of treasures! There are hundreds of items (weapons, armors, helms, magic rings, etc.) in the game you can find and equip to improve your character!
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